Games machine move bears fruit, pubco says

Chris Jowsey

STAR Pubs & Bars is to install remote data capture boards (RDCs) to games machines in pubs across its estate, claiming machines fitted with the technology saw a 15% uplift in revenues during a trial.

The RDCs use mobile technology to produce and send reports on machine performance and create alerts to flag up any issues or problems, which the pubco said allows it and its suppliers to monitor and maximise a machine’s performance.
The pubco said the technology can reduce machine downtime by around 50% and boost lessees’ machine income by between £500 and £1000 per year.
“This initiative has provided us with invaluable insight that we are able to share with our lessees into how often machines are operational and when hoppers require filling,” said Star Pubs & Bars trading director Chris Jowsey.
“It has also given us an important, detailed understanding of how machines trade in individual sites – and what we and our partners can do to drive performance in each of our pubs.”