Turning up the heat – Samsung’s solution for limited space


Samsung’s latest CM1929 is a powerful unit and its oversized cavity will hold containers of up to 2/3GN, making it ideal for bulk reheating and for fast cooking.

It is also big enough to hold over-size dinner plates. Yet it runs off a standard 13-amp supply. And while its oven is about 35% larger than a standard compact, it still has a footprint of only 464mm wide x 557mm deep, so it’s perfect for back of bar and for kitchens with limited space.
Its dual-magnetron top-feeding microwave source means the Samsung CM1929 will defrost large quantities of food without hot spots. It’s also ideal for prime cooking – its various programme buttons offer flexible options for different products, across the unit’s seven power levels. The appropriate preset is clearly indicated in the system’s digital display, making it easy to navigate.

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