Islay distiller is set for expansion

Anthony Wills
Distillery boss Anthony Wills said the new warehouse will create extra storage.

Kilchoman to build new bonded warehouse after securing funding

ISLAY’s newest whisky distiller has unveiled ambitious expansion plans to build a new bonded warehouse on the island.

Kilchoman Distillery, which started production in 2005, aims to build the new facility, which will be able to store between 8000 and 9000 casks, on land at Conisby near Bruichladdich.
Plans for the new warehouse come after the distiller secured a £450,000 loan from Clydesdale Bank.
Kilchoman currently produces 120,000 litres of alcohol a year and turned over £1.6 million in 2012.
Distillery managing director Anthony Wills said the funding will help the business expand, providing extra storage space.
“Launching a new distillery is a big challenge financially,” he said. “One of the difficulties is that you constantly need to invest in storage because the spirit must be matured for several years before it can be sold as single malt.
“Even though the business is growing, some banks ran a mile when we sought investment. Clydesdale Bank, on the other hand, was willing to listen to our needs and was prepared to support us.”
Stuart McCallum, Clydesdale Bank’s regional lead for the food and drink sector, said: “As a newcomer to the industry, Kilchoman Distillery may be a small player but it punches above its weight, earning a number of plaudits for its wonderful single malts, and achieving growing sales. We look forward to working with Kilchoman Distillery as it continues to develop the business.”