Energy efficient washing – Winterhalter will cut energy bills


TRADITIONALLY, warewashing has been a huge consumer of resources.

With energy prices expected to rise by some 8% in 2013 (according to pubs, bars and restaurants will be looking at how to cut their energy bills especially when it comes to warewashing.
With this in mind Winterhalter developed the UC Energy undercounter dishwasher and glasswasher. It not only offers users substantial savings in energy costs but also improves the working environment around the warewasher, through its innovative use of heat exchange technology.
The UC Energy is the only undercounter machine to offer such a mini heat exchange recovery system. It extracts the heat from vapour within the machine and uses it to pre-heat the incoming cold fill. In this way, energy consumption is reduced by 0.1kWh per cycle. So if the machine is put through 80 cycles per day, it can save up to 2920 kWh per year, which equates to £320 per year if prices rise by 8%.

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