WKD reveals its romantic side

Valentine’s posters with a WKD touch.

WKD has produced a set of Valentine’s Day posters to give some useful and humorous guidance to men who may need a little help during what’s billed the most romantic day of the year.

The posters, which will be distributed to pubs, feature witty observations and suggestions like ‘Have a great Valentine’s Day. Own a flower stall’ and ‘This absolutely counts as a nice bottle of red’ alongside a bottle of WKD Red. A third poster features Red Rock – a WKD Valentine’s Day cocktail in a jug (two bottles of WKD Red, vodka, lime cordial, cola and ice) with the text ‘made for sharing’.
Selected on-trade customers across the UK will be sent a Valentine’s point of sale kits.
“These fun posters are an amusing way to support Valentine’s Day and give WKD the chance to make tongue-in-cheek comment and generate tactical sales opportunities for stockists of WKD Red,” explained marketing director Debs Carter.
“WKD loves to engage with its target audience in a light-hearted manner and the humorous messages will really resonate with consumers.
“With Valentine’s falling on a Thursday this year, there’s a great opportunity for stockists to use the free kits to boost sales across the whole weekend.”

Image – Valentine’s posters with a WKD touch.