Board welcomes Pubwatch dialogue

A MEETING held between Glasgow’s Pubwatch groups, licensing board, LSOs and the police last week was hailed as a significant step in maintaining positive dialogue between the parties concerned.

Two representatives from 15 Pubwatch schemes attended the City Chambers summit, which gave operators the chance to quiz board chair Stephen Dornan and clerk Mairi Millar on matters ranging from minimum pricing to recent changes in licensing law.
Stephen McBride, who runs the Dolphin bar in Partick and chairs the West End Pubwatch, said it was a great opportunity for the trade to put its views across. “I think it was a very worthwhile exercise, given the numbers that turned out,” he told SLTN.
“The fact that this board and Cllr Dornan have made themselves accessible and at least willing to listen to what we have to say [is very positive].”
Cllr Dornan, who is likely to step down as board chair after the Scottish council elections in May having been de-selected by the Labour Party, said the door was open for further Pubwatch talks in future.
“It was a chance for everyone to sit down together and get a better understanding of what’s going on in the licensed trade,” he said.
“There has been a lot of change in licensing law in recent times and we want to make sure everyone is up to date with what they can expect from the board. But it was also about Pubwatch groups putting their point across and us listening to what they say. Pubwatch is an excellent scheme and helps makes the city a safer place.”
MacBride said Dornan’s departure from the board would be keenly felt. “Dornan and Millar have to be commended for the way they conduct themselves,’ he added. “It’s not them against us.”