Grill suppliers before you buy

It pays to weigh up the options, manufacturers say


IT’S no secret the difference a quality food offer can make to a business, so it’s vital operators ensure they have the right equipment in the kitchen.

As with any technology, however, choosing the right piece of kit can be a daunting prospect, especially given the range of products on the market.
And it doesn’t seem to be any easier when it comes to smaller items.
Suppliers say choosing equipment like contact grills requires just as much thought and consideration as larger scale items. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, grills are said to offer a fast and effective way of cooking a variety of different foods.
When it comes to choosing one for a commercial kitchen, Ray Hall, managing director of catering equipment supplier RH Hall, said there are a number of factors to take into consideration.
“Decide what level of throughput you are likely to service,” he said.
“This will determine whether you require a compact single plate size grill or a larger double plate grill, which can offer a greater area with which to cook and speed up service and productivity.”
Other factors to consider include the grill’s ability to reach high temperatures (ideally around 300ºC), the time the grill takes to heat up, as well as heat-setting controls.
Reliability is perhaps the most important factor, said Hall, and is the key to getting the best value for money from the equipment.
“Busy operations need hard wearing equipment,” he added.
“Check the plate quality, which is vital for durability and heat retention.
“Choose a leading brand with an established reputation for good quality and reliability. Don’t choose the cheapest, ensure you get real value for money.”