Brewer aims to be different glass


HEINEKEN UK is to offer its pub customers branded two-thirds pint glasses after the measure becomes legal on October 1.

The new glass size, which is known as a schooner in Australia, will initially be available for the brewer’s Heineken, Amstel and Tiger brands.
From October 1, new weights and measures legislation will come into force in the UK, meaning licensees can offer a two-thirds of a pint measure alongside the existing pint and half-pint serves.
Lawson Mountstevens, sales managing director on-trade at Heineken UK, said the schooner will offer drinkers extra choice when ordering beer.
“Premium and specialist draught beer brands like Heineken, Amstel and Tiger are likely to benefit most from being served in the new two-thirds of a pint measure,” he said.
“We will be delivering around half a million new branded glasses into the trade from November to give licensees the chance to extend consumer choice and capitalise on the opportunity that creating a new drinking experience can offer.
“Our stylish, new schooner glasses will encourage more pub and restaurant diners to choose premium beer with food, and research suggests they will also appeal to male and female drinkers who see the new two-thirds pint glass as the perfect ‘halfway house’ between traditional pint and half-pint beer serves.”