Take the sting out of cellar costs


ONE approach to protecting profits is through good cellar management training for staff and supervisors, writes Steve Lakin, business support manager of Innserve.
Well-trained staff have a direct effect on minimising waste, the quality of draught beers and add value to the customer experience.
Research shows that good quality drinks dispense and cellar management training can improve yields by 3% and sales by 7%, so there are significant financial rewards to be gained for such a relatively low cost investment.
The training can help the licensee introduce best practice routines for elements such as line cleaning, which has a positive impact on waste limitation.
Quality training also has an impact on customer satisfaction and retention, leading to customer loyalty and repeat business. Such a tack also leads to more satisfied staff, in that they feel valued and invested in. Happy, well-trained staff have the most profound impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.
From a technological perspective, easily applied devices such as the InnEnergy energy monitor from Innserve can have a profound impact on the bottom line. The device, a recent finalist in the Environmental & Energy Awards, is an intelligent power socket for beer and soft drinks coolers and ice makers.
The monitor ‘learns’ the power usage pattern of the cooler, allowing it to switch off the load completely without compromising operation or functionality, whilst making energy savings during quiet periods.
For a licensee the savings of 30–35% can equate to £170 – £600 per cooler per year. Punch Taverns have over 3000 units installed in 800 of their managed houses – generating electricity savings of over £450,000 pa.
So although times are taxing for all involved in the sector, there are ways to limit the squeeze.