Weather dampens soft drinks sales


POOR weather in June was blamed for an 8.2% slump in the volume of soft drinks sold across Britain.
Publishing its interim management statement for the third quarter to July 21, Britvic said the sales drop represented the first quarter of market volume decline in two years.
Britvic itself saw the volume of its carbonates sales rise by a “very strong” 13.8%, but it said the market contraction resulted in an overall “slow down” compared to the same three-month period last year.
Britvic’s GB revenues were up 0.7% in the quarter, although total volumes slid 2.5%.
Carbonated drinks, which recorded a 4.4% jump in revenues in the quarter, were the firm’s star performers.
Revenues for its still drinks fell 4.2%, which Britvic said reflected volume loss caused by the switch of Robinson’s single to double concentrate, in addition to an overall decline in the still market.
“We continue to be cautious about the challenging trading conditions and the impact of consumer sentiment in our largest markets as we move into the final quarter of the financial year,” said Britvic chief executive Paul Moody.

(Image: Britvic said it remains “cautious” about the “challenging” trading conditions.)