Drinks app aims to inspire

ABSOLUT Vodka is targeting iPad users with a new cocktail application called Drinkspiration Home Edition.

The application, which can be downloaded for free from iTunes, contains 3000 ‘drink ideas’, together with colour imagery and video demonstrations.
It has been designed to encourage consumers as well as people in the trade to experiment with creating cocktails using a range of spirits, including vodka, gin, rum, whisky and Tequila.
The brand has already released a Drinkspiration iPhone Bar Edition.
The Home Edition application comes pre-installed with six ‘Absolut Collections’ featuring drink themes such as Summer, Classics, Prohibition, Celebrating, Red and Pre-Party, and step-by-step video guides on mixing the cocktails.
The application also contains search and browse functions based on ingredients typically found at home, as well as being able to create a shopping list for people to use when they’re planning a party.
They will also be able to share their own recipes and customised drink collections via Facebook and the Absolut website.
“This iPad application is yet another example of Absolut’s belief that doing things differently leads to something exceptional,” said Adam Boita, marketing manager for Pernod Ricard UK.
“This user-friendly technology appeals to tech-savvy bartenders and consumers alike, and in doing so marks a unique experience for them in cocktail creation.
“The iPad provides cutting-edge functionality coupled with a high resolution display, making it the perfect platform for an informative drink mixing application that brings the theatre of mixology to life.”
The application can be downloaded from iTunes or from the Absolut website at www.absolutdrinks.com/en/drinkspiration/