Operators urged to ‘think pink’

Rosé set to continue its reign this summer, suppliers say

OPERATORS looking to boost wine sales this summer are being advised to stay in the pink.

The people behind some of the country’s main wine suppliers told SLTN that the popularity of rosé shows little sign of waning, with sales expected to rise in line with the temperature.
But stocking just the one style of the pink stuff isn’t enough, it seems.
Constellation Wines’ Clare Griffiths said it’s the operators who offer a choice of rosés that really stand to benefit this summer.
“Rosé is the fastest-growing wine colour, with a 14.1% share,” she said.
“Constellation has a comprehensive rosé offering at a variety of price points from best-selling brands, such as Echo Falls, Stowells and Hardys.
“In the summer, when women will be increasingly looking for a lighter offering, be sure to include the new range of lighter drinking wines from Banrock Station.
“Banrock Station Moscato and Pink Moscato are both 5.5% in strength, contain less than one unit per 125ml serving and are a low-alcohol wine offering that still delivers on flavour.
“The range has a light, sweet and refreshing taste with a hint of spritz and, therefore, will be the perfect summer drink for consumers looking for a lighter-style wine.
“Why not encourage your customers to share a bottle of Echo Falls White Zinfandel in the pub garden in the summer? Customers will be on the lookout for deals that relate to them and their drinking occasion.”
Sue Buchanan, trading director for Scotland at Waverley TBS, reinforced the importance of flagging up a summer wine offer.
Advising operators to review lists at least twice a year, Buchanan recommended offering different wines as a ‘wine of the month’ or to tie in with a special event.
“This way you don’t have to change your entire list but can trial different styles and prices to see what is popular,” she said.
“A broad range of wines by the glass helps the customer to sample different wines without committing to a whole bottle.
“We’re still seeing good growth in rosé wines and Prosecco and both will continue to sell well into the summer. The sweeter end of the rosé spectrum is a perfect wine style for those who are new to the category and sparkling wines, such as Prosecco, are seen as a more socially-acceptable alternative to Champagne.”
Cheviot Fine Wines’ Alllan Dawson echoed the predictions for this summer. “Rosé is still in growth,” he said. “And single serves of Prosecco are going to be this year’s summer drink.
“Operators should review their lists about twice a year, and a good selection by the glass is essential.”
Russell Wallace of Perth-based Exel Wines underlined the importance of offering a selection of wines by the glass this summer, but warned operators to “think sustainably”.
“If you have a busy establishment then you will sustainably be able to sell more wines by the glass whilst ensuring that they do not oxidise,” he said.
“Trying to do this if your clients only buy by the bottle will be counterproductive.
“We really encourage our clients to evolve their list. A few words of warning, though: evolve the unpopular wines slowly and gradually as complete change takes time to settle in with customers.
“If you are changing something, make sure it is for the right reasons: better quality, better value or a different style of wine.”

(above: Operators who flag up their rosé wine offer stand to benefit this summer, according to Constellation.)