Spirits scheme to give bars the edge


PERNOD Ricard has launched a new initiative designed to help operators drive sales of premium spirits.

With its figures suggesting premium spirits are growing ahead of their standard counterparts – in both volume and value terms – the spirits giant said Premium Edge is designed to help the on-trade boost the “robust” category by encouraging consumers to trade up.
Underpinning Premium Edge are four key steps: make it available, make it easy to find, make it compelling and make it great to drink. And Pernod, whose spirits portfolio includes Absolut, Beefeater, Chivas Regal and Havana Club, aims to help operators achieve these through back-bar advice, trade education, an ‘up-sell’ training programme and sharing consumer insight.
Dan Reuby, customer marketing director at Pernod Ricard UK, told SLTN premium spirits offer a real growth opportunity for operators.
“There’s no doubt there are less people going out but when they are going out it’s for a special occasion or celebration and that lends itself to people drinking premium spirits,” he said.
“The real focus for us is encouraging trade-up.
“We also see an opportunity for those already drinking premium spirits to broaden their repertoires. There’s significant room for growth.
“It’s not about replacing standard spirits but offering a credible trade-up.
“Around 80% of our business is from premium spirits so we believe we’re in a position to exploit that. We believe we’ve got a unique premium portfolio and we see the potential for trade-up and to broaden consumers’ repertoires across all spirits categories.”

(Image: Pernod Ricard said Premium Edge aims to encourage consumers to trade up.)