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Scooping up extra sales

The right ice cream and desserts offer can boost profits, say firms

Get an extra slice of sales

The right equipment is vital to cash in on pizza, say firms

The season to toast to bars’ good health

As wellbeing becomes more important, pubs have to offer healthier choices

Dishes that still fry high on pub menus

Fried food remains popular in venues, but the right oil and equipment is essential.

Microwaves: An easier way to add food to bars

Wet-led pubs could benefit from addition of a commercial microwave

Good coffee can perk up pub profits

A focus on the fundamentals can lead to an inspired hot beverages offer

A measured approach

WHEN it comes to food safety in the kitchen, accurate temperature control is crucial.

Putting a quality offer on the table

The right glasses and crockery can improve the perception of a venue, say firms

Daytime custom is there for the taking

Quality must be central to hot beverages range to compete with the high street PUBS are versatile businesses, with many operators now opening their doors …

A great food offer is getting easier

Developments in catering technology are helping to reduce the burden AS more venues are improving their food offer, or introducing one for the first time, …