Evan takes us on a 60’s journey from South Africa to Manhattan

Introducing SLTN’s Spirit of the Sixties Cocktail Competition finalists:

A red cocktail with a twist of citrus peel

Red Moon Over Manhattan

By Evan Rodriguez, Vroni’s

“Inspired by the Space Race to the moon and one of the most iconic 1960s cocktails, the Manhattan. 

A bearded young man behind a bar
Evan Rodriguez

A bourbon-based drink that I have lifted with cherry notes and one of my favourite new wines from Inverarity Morton, Ulumbaza, a beautifully blended red wine from Springfontein Wine in South Africa.”

Red Moon Over Manhattan:

• Knob Creek 9 Year Old Bourbon

• Martino Rubino

• Ulumbaza red wine

• Amarena cherry syrup

• Chocolate bitters

• Cherry bitters