Morgan and Midori fly us to the moon in a 1960’s space race

Introducing SLTN’s Spirit of the Sixties Cocktail Competition finalists:

A bright green drink with a piece of space rock on the rim of the glass

Space Oddity

By Morgan Pyle, Pania

“At the culmination of a heated and rocket-fuelled race, humankind touched down on the surface of our moon for the very first time. 

Back at home, the movement of Mother Earth’s own remedies grew in abundance. To the moon and back, we were proudly pioneering innovation and social change across art, science, and all other areas of life. 

A smiling bespectacled young man drinks a cocktail
Morgan Pyle

Bars in particular were graced with the release of both Midori and the much beloved SLTN in the same year, 1964. 

So take your protein pills and put your helmet on, and join me on this journey through the decade.”

Space Oddity:

• Midori

• Triple Sec

• Mushroom acid

• Hellfire Bitters

• Moon dusted melon ball