Wasted Degrees and Perthshire chef Tsappis collaborate on lager

Lager tends to be a popular choice for many over the summer months and beer drinkers in Perthshire have a new option for sunny days this year, thanks to a collaboration between the co-owner of Killiecrankie House and brewer Wasted Degrees.

Tom Tsappis, who owns Killiecrankie House with wife Matilda, first contacted the brewery to see if he could use their spent grain in his cooking, creating dishes such as a ‘sticky beery pudding’ and spent grain bread. 

The relationship then led to a full-on collaboration between the businesses, as Tom worked with brothers Jack and Conall Low, owners of Wasted Degrees, to create Wasted Degrees Dry Hopped Lager. 

The new beer was fermented over an eight-week period using a strain of yeast developed in the Swiss Alps and brewed using UK-grown pilsner malt and a combination of Mandarina Bavaria and Columbus hops. 

These ingredients, along with what the brewers describe as a ‘lack of harsh filtering’ has resulted in a 4.2% ABV beer that has been designed to match with food. 

“Working alongside a well-respected brewery like Wasted Degrees and creating a limited-edition dry hopped lager has been a great project to be involved with,” said Tom. “We’ve worked together for a couple of months to get everything right. We particularly wanted to work with Jack and Conall as they’re leading the way in the craft beer scene locally, creating beers that everyone can enjoy. 

Tom Tsappis

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind we’re on the same page, and in my view we’ve created something truly special that perfectly showcases lager with bags of flavour alongside delicious plates of food, which was always front and centre from the outset.’’

Jack Low said Tom ‘shares our obsession for high quality ingredients, provenance, flavour and texture’. 

“Working with a like minded local business – just a mile or two from the brewery no less – means that we can amplify that story and share what we enjoy together. It’s a real joy to see our beers – products we put a lot of time and care into – being enjoyed alongside one of the most highly regarded fine dining experiences in the country. 

“We’re so pleased with the Killie lager; it’s an accompaniment worthy of pairing with dishes across Killie’s menu.”