Disaronno recommends a mix of classic and modern summer serves

With summer just around the corner, Aiste Valiukaite of Disaronno International UK provides some top tips for sprucing up a drinks list. 

Embrace versatility 

Offer a diverse range of cocktails that cater to evolving consumer preferences, such as classic, beloved cocktails like the Godfather or Disaronno Sour, as well as modern creations like the effervescent and tangy Disaronno Fizz. With 1 out of every 10 cocktails sold in the on-premise being spritz-style serves, venues have immense potential to utilize diverse spirit and liqueur categories, topped with a range of flavoured sparkling sodas.

Explore new trends 

Stay informed about emerging trends in the beverage industry, such as the growing popularity of low/no alcohol cocktails and spritz-style serves. Incorporate these into your summer offerings to capitalise on changing consumer preferences and cater to mindful drinkers who still crave the treat element of a cocktail. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with twists on classic cocktails, either. Bring a touch of pizzazz to the familiar cocktail with creations like the Velvet Colada, a combination of Disaronno Velvet, milk, coconut, and pineapple.

Enhance the guest experience

Create an inviting atmosphere for your guests by sprucing up your outdoor areas and taking advantage of your suntrap gardens. 

Ensure summer menus are available on every table and that you’re well-stocked on garden-friendly glassware. To drive further engagement with guests, consider fun promotional ideas – like offering a free Isolabella Limoncello Spritz on the hottest day of the year to the first 30 guests! 

Optimise operations 

Streamline your operations to ensure efficiency and consistency in serving cocktails, particularly popular options like the Limoncello Spritz or Disaronno Fizz. Consider offering a dedicated spritz menu with a variety of simple-to-make cocktails. Spritzes served in larger formats such as carafes, jugs, or cocktail trees also encourage upselling and maximize profitability, leveraging the growth potential within the liqueur category. Sharing serves remain popular as good value indicators to guests but also help bartenders prepare more drinks quicker.

Focus on seasonality 

Take advantage of seasonal ingredients and flavours to create long, refreshing, and effervescent drinks that resonate with guests and represent the sunny season. Incorporate seasonal fruits, herbs, and spices into your cocktail offerings as garnish to evoke a sense of freshness and excitement, enhancing the overall guest experience and driving repeat business as well as organic user-generated content on your socials. Try a sprig of mint in your Limoncello Spritz or a freshly peeled lemon zest in a Disaronno Fizz this summer!