Sometimes old product development beats new product development

Legendary Scottish cask ale Greenmantle is making a return to Scottish pubs nearly 45 years after it was first brewed.

David McGowan of Broughton Ales explained: “Broughton Brewery was founded in 1979, by David Younger of the Younger of Alloa brewing dynasty and James Collins of the Collins publishing empire, and Greenmantle became synonymous with the brewery.

“The beer had disappeared during lockdown, but in the past 18 months, we have been inundated with requests from real ale fans and pubs to bring back this legendary 70-shilling style beer.”

Greenmantle will now be part of the Broughton Heritage Cask Range, which also includes Broughton 60-shilling, with other variants in the pipeline.

McGowan added: “Broughton Brewery has a unique place as Scotland’s original microbrewery dating back to 1979. Greenmantle is a classic Scottish style 70-shilling, light, malty and easy drinking; with pubs and consumers increasingly looking for heritage and provenance in their choice of beers, there are times when, quite simply old product development beats new product development.”

Greenmantle 70-Shilling is 3.9% and is now available for the on-trade in 9-gallon casks.