Tsingtao moves its UK licensing to LEC Beverages Group

Tsingtao Beer, the flagship brew from China’s Tsingtao Brewery Co, has changed its UK licence arrangements.

Previously managed by C&C Group, Tsingtao’s UK licensing, sales and distribution will now be handled by LEC Beverages Group, which in turn has entered into a joint venture with In Good Company to help distribute and sell the brand.

Described as a ‘well-hopped standard pale lager’, the 4.7% ABV beer will continue to be produced in Qingdao, China. Tsingtao’s currently has a strong foothold in UK hospitality, particularly through Chinese restaurants.

It is the best-known Chinese beer internationally with sales and distribution covering 100+ countries worldwide, and is the No.1 imported Chinese beer brand in the U.K.

Chairman of LEC Beverages, Jack Perry, said: “We’re thrilled to be taking on responsibility for Tsingtao’s licensing, sales and distribution in the UK. We have a long-standing history of developing and nurturing premium imported brands in the UK market and we know how important capturing a brand’s authentic heritage is as part of delivering a smart route to market strategy.

“We’re excited to bring our expertise in this area to Tsingtao and look forward to collaborating with In Good Company for the first time.”

In Good Company’s CEO, Steve Cox, added: “We’re really excited about this partnership with LEC Beverages and Tsingtao, and what it means for the further growth of the business.

“While our heritage and DNA has been and will always be in craft beer, thanks to the phenomenal breadth of expertise in our team, we have capabilities well beyond this and are keen to capitalise on this as the business evolves.”