Hoax IPA offers up sobriety as the ultimate rockstar rebellion

Those who want to maintain a rock’n’roll lifestyle without the alcohol might find an answer in Hoax, a ‘super-sessionable’ 0.5% IPA brand invented by musicians with gig-going customers in mind.

While the provision of low-and-no beers in venues has doubtless improved in recent years, some rockers might have an image problem with a wee bottle of ‘0% blue lager’- so Hoax has been designed to deliver the right gigging ‘sensory experience’, looking and tasting like a good IPA in a 440ml can.

Heavy metal guitarist and ‘former party animal turned family man’ Alex Bailey partnered with graphic designer Alex Green and mixologist turned ‘sober event maestro’ James Harris to create the brand, working with Renegade Brewery to provide a ‘hang-free experience without compromising on flavour’.

“Demand for sessionable craft beers in venues saw Beavertown’s Neck Oil rise to the occasion; it’s time for an alcohol-free beer that fits the live-music-loving drinker in style, design and flavour to do the same,” said the Hoax team.

“Looking the part and tasting the part, this is the encore low-and-no drinkers are screaming for and Hoax intends to help independent music venues answer the call.”

The team added: “First, we created Hoax for us. That sounds cocky, but we wanted a beer that would give us the same shared experience we had with alcohol but for a new occasion in our sober lives.

“We believe that is an occasion others share, whether they are removing or reducing alcohol from their lives, Hoax can give them an option we couldn’t find before.

“We’re really wanting to help the bars, venues and festivals that supported our musician dreams and careers with a sessionable IPA that fits perfectly on their bar and stage!”