Bring the heat with Piment d’Espelette liqueur

Embracing two solid drinks industry trends – spiciness and craftsmanship – French liqueur and syrups specialist Giffard has launched Piment d’Espelette liqueur, which promises to create a ‘richer drinking experience’ wherever it is added.

The Espelette Pepper, known as the ‘Red Gold of Basque Country’, flourishes in a microclimate, close to the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by hills, conducive to the growth of its fruit.

Giffard’s Piment d’Espelette liqueur is made from the slow maceration of whole Espelette peppers with a dark Rhum Agricole from Martinique, producing a bright yellow straw liquid with copper gold highlights.

Offering an intense spiciness with complex aromas, its smooth and warm notes mingle with fruity ones to balance the bite of capsaicin. With this complexity, Giffard reckon this premium liqueur can be used as both the main spirit in a drink or be mixed in with a wide range of spirits.

“Our Piment d’Espelette liqueur is the perfect ingredient to add spiciness in cocktails, it enhances all flavours with consistency, but also delivers deep and complex aromas for a richer drinking experience” said Giffard Europe Brand Ambassador, Matteo Mosetti.