Hoxton Spirits launches three new liquids and an eye-catching new look

HOXTON SPIRITS founder Gerry Calabrese

Eleven years after disrupting the spirits industry with Hoxton Tropical gin, Hoxton Spirits this week launches three pioneering new spirits – its very own London Spritz’, a Spiced Whisky, and a classic dry gin.

Hoxton Spirits was established in 2012 by Gerry Calabrese in Hoxton, East London, after he spent over two decades working as an award-winning barman, and then launching his own venues, in that area.

Despite stocking the most extensive range of gins in the UK, Mr Calabrese reckoned that there was still room for a new gin for a ‘younger, edgier’ clientele, and so Hoxton Tropical Gin was born, breaking with the convention of the time with coconut, grapefruit and subtle ginger and tarragon notes.

Much as it did with the original Tropical gin, Hoxton now hopes to disrupt the whisky market with its Spiced Whisky, which is made using spices and fruits such as vanilla, raisin, cocoa, orange, cinnamon, anise and nutmeg for a spicy, gingerbread palate.

As well as the original Tropical gin and the three new products, the company produces a Pink Gin, and a Spiced Rum, all using only ethically-sourced ingredients.

The development of this enhanced range is a key part of Hoxton’s business strategy, as it aims to provide consumers with the opportunity to enjoy its spirits on any occasion. The company said that the liquids had been designed with both at-home consumers and bars in mind, with premium flavours designed to simplify the cocktail process, encouraging consumers to become mixologists.

With the extended range comes new packaging, with a bespoke design integrating pop colours remaining consistent to the brand style, competing against the more traditional brands on the market.

Mr Calabrese said: “We have always been focused on flavour, regardless of the category, the liquid has to stand up on its own. The journey over the last ten years has now come to a place that I feel is most representative of our brand vision.

“We want consumers to know we are a brand which represents a lifestyle quality and flavour which the new bottle and liquids now delivers. My ambition was always to create innovative products across multiple spirit categories under one brand, Hoxton . This is the category innovation we always envisaged and now we are there.”

The extended and redesigned Hoxton range is available in the UK from the 14th February.