Brits opting for fruit flavours in their gin

Puerto de Indias gin

MORE than half of gin drinkers choose the spirit over other options because of the range of flavours available, a new study has claimed.

The research, from Spanish gin brand Puerto de Indias, surveyed 2000 British gin drinkers.

It found that 56% of respondents chose to drink gin because of the breadth of flavours available in the category, with 50% saying they consider the ‘naturality’ of the flavour to be a major factor when choosing their brand.

Fruit flavours were particularly important to supermarket shoppers, with 56% of respondents saying they would opt for a fruit gin when buying a bottle there.

And a significant share of respondents – 43% – considered ‘something new’ to be a must when they were choosing which gin to buy.

Puerto de Indias lays claim to having the biggest-selling strawberry gin in Spain – and the number two strawberry gin worldwide – in its portfolio.

In December the producer introduced its blackberry gin – already established overseas – to the UK market, which it is promoting with a perfect serve that includes 7UP and tonic water, with blackberries and cinnamon sticks to garnish.

“Our survey reveals that there is a definite appetite amongst British consumers for experimenting with flavoured gins,” said spokesman Craig Chapman.

“This is something which Puerto de Indias strongly identifies with; the brand always encourages its customers to embrace their differences and be bold with their choices.

“Our Blackberry Gin is in huge demand in the brand’s homeland of Spain, and we hope that our UK launch will give British drinkers the chance to have their very own taste of the Spanish spirit.”