Hotels group’s mixology move

Radisson Hotel Group will stock Scottish-made cocktails in properties around the UK

A box of packaged cocktails next to a negroni in a highball glass

MYXD, the premixed cocktail service created by Highland hospitality group Cru Holdings, has been signed by Radisson Hotel Group to supply the company’s hotels across the UK.

MYXD, founded by Cru director and mixologist Grant Murray in 2020, produces a range of premade cocktails that includes a Pineapple & Jalapeno Mai Tai; Chocolate & Vanilla Espresso Martini; Popcorn Old Fashioned; Salted Caramel White Russian; and Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Fizz. Each cocktail is provided in a single-serve pouch.

Samuel Devitt, restaurants and bars director at Radisson Hotel Group, said the MYXD cocktails will provide “a natural extension to our core beverage offering, while providing our guests an innovative, modern and efficient cocktail experience, which we’re sure they’ll enjoy”.

Murray said using premixed cocktails “helps save operating costs, as bars don’t have to be stocked with the same variety of obscure spirits and mixers that are only used occasionally”.

“However, guests still get to experience the theatre of cocktails being shaken with ice and poured in front of their eyes – just far quicker than when making from scratch, and of a much more consistent quality,” he said.

“The response to our home delivery cocktails has been incredible, with customers enjoying the variety and quality of our drinks. We’ve worked with brands before to create unique cocktails for corporate events, but this is our first major partnership that spans the UK.

We’re excited at the opportunities that this, and future event and venue partnerships, may bring on our mission to provide high quality cocktails to drinkers everywhere.”