Opening the beer Vault

Vault City drinks

EDINBURGH brewery Vault City has launched a core range into the on-trade for the first time, with the introduction of its Cloudy Lemonade (4.2% ABV) and Strawberry Sundae (5% ABV) beers on draught.

The move marks a shift from Vault City’s previous strategy of focusing on rotational beers, instead producing two core beers which will be complemented by special edition releases each month.

The brewer said the two core beers will be listed in an initial 200 independent pubs and bars across Scotland, England and Wales.

“This is one of the biggest ever craft beer launches in the UK, and an even bigger step forward for Vault City that we are massively excited about,” said co-founder, Steven Smith Hay.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to do it than launching across 200 independent bars, pubs and taprooms across the UK, where discerning drinkers will be able to enjoy two sessionable sours whenever they want.

“Since the early days of Vault City, we’ve focused on rotational releases, and the introduction of our core range won’t change that. We’re too curious and, let’s face it, too restless to just do one thing.

“What it does mean is that alongside our Sour Sunday drops, we’ll have two sessionable sours available at all times, starting with keg only, and soon moving to cans.

“We know our supporters will love them, and we can’t wait to welcome more new fans around the UK.”

The brewery’s latest rotational beer, Vault Wagon, is a 9.5% ABV sour beer inspired by the taste of the Wagon Wheels biscuit.