Big on-trade plans for cans

Owner of ready to drink wine brand expects summer boom

Women drinking Canvino drinks
Summer could bring a rise in demand for canned wines in outdoor areas, reckons Canvino.

IT’S not just canned cocktails and spirits that are seeing growth across the UK – there is also said to be an increasing market for canned, ready to drink wine.

The entrepreneur behind Canvino, a canned wine range launched last year, reckoned there could be demand for single-serve canned drinks in outdoor spaces and at events throughout the summer.

Canvino produces two canned sparkling Italian wines: Bianco, a dry, medium-bodied white wine; and the medium-dry Rosé.

Both are available in 200ml cans with an ABV of 10.5%.

Last month the business expanded its offer with the launch of two new wine cocktails: the Raspberry Bellini and the Spritz, both packaged in 250ml cans at 8% ABV.

Canvino co-founder, Marc Laventure, said canned wine presents several advantages for on-trade operators, including ease and speed of dispense, and the ability to keep the liquid cool and carbonated for longer than decanting it into plastic cups.

“The canned wine market has soared in popularity over the past few years here in the UK, so we are delighted to offer Canvino as the perfect canned addition to your sparkling wine range,” said Laventure.

“We’re proud to deliver crisp and refreshing Italian sparkling wines that are as easy on the eye as they are to drink.

“Canvino stays cooler for longer and is five times faster to serve than decanting making it the perfect fit for outdoor and glass-free locations.”