A new way of thinking

Hills & Harbour Gin

SUSTAINABILITY is at the heart of the new bottle design for Scottish gin brand Hills & Harbour.

The new packaging uses lighter-weight glass that includes recycled flint, with a stopper made from wood and natural cork, which can also be used as a spirit measure.

The bottle is said to be 30% lighter than the previous design, which will help to reduce the CO2 used in the production, shipping and recycling of Hills & Harbour, and is also significantly wider than many other bottles on the market, which the brand owner said is designed to make the bottle easier to “upcycle”, or repurpose, once it is empty.

Producer Crafty Distillery is also using 100% recycled cardboard bottle protectors and boxes.
The company’s founder, Graham Taylor, said: “At Crafty Distillery we’re big on innovation, especially ideas that reduce our environmental impact.

“For sure the focus on lighter and more recyclable materials is super important which we as a business have already addressed, but beyond that, what the industry really needs is more innovation.

“Our new bottle tackles the obvious benefits to reducing the glass weight and uses natural materials for the cork, but importantly also brings industry leading functionality to the design, which allows the stopper and the bottle to be much easier to re-use.

“To our knowledge we are the only distillery taking this form and function approach to suitable design.

“We really hope our new thinking drives a new wave of thinking in the industry.”