Looking forward to Hazy days

The activity, promoting Thatchers Haze, will include themed point of sale materials for venues – such as branded aprons and pint carriers – as well as partnerships with brands including The Work Perk and Hello Fresh.

The company is also promoting six BBQ recipes for the summer season.

“Choosing the right ciders will be key this year, especially in outlets where cider sales increase over the summer,” said Rob Sandall, on- trade director at Thatchers Cider.

“It’s vital operators make sure they have a premium range that will appeal to their customers, supported with the dynamic promotional campaign that Thatchers are able to provide.

“With 70% of consumers now feeling more confident about returning to the pub post-lockdown – that is double from this time last year – this presents a fantastic opportunity for pubs to welcome customers back with the premium offer they’re seeking.”