It’s time to be bold by the glass

Taking consumers ‘off the beaten wine track’ can pay dividends

QUALITY over quantity and an adventurous by the glass selection – those should be among the top considerations when it comes to a wine offer for the weeks ahead.

That’s the advice from suppliers, who said combining a concise core list with a selection of seasonal wines on rotation and an interesting range of wines available by the glass can pay dividends for bar and restaurant operators.

Paul Graham of Alexander Wines said consumers will be looking to treat themselves when they are out in bars and restaurants this summer.

“We recommend having a smaller core list with frequent rotations of new wines to coincide with seasonal/menu changes,” he said.

“This keeps things fresh and interesting as well as ensuring money is not tied up in lots of stock. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

“Premium Provence and rosé in general is a big trend as people look to recreate summer holidays at home. Having a variety of rosé options and interesting wines by the glass will ensure customers return.

“Be adventurous with your BTG offering as it’s the one opportunity where customers will take a punt, especially if they are only having to pay for a 125ml glass.

“Taking customers off the beaten track with wines such as Vinho Verde, Furmint and Saperavi show thought and are on-trend.”

The importance of a strong by the glass offer was underlined by Lynn Murray, marketing and Taittinger brand director at Hatch Mansfield.

“Offer a good selection by the glass,” she said.

“There are lots of options on the market in terms of dispense to ensure that the wine can be served as it should be on each pour.

“Include a good balance of wine styles beyond red, white, and rosé and be sure to include a premium red and white option for the more discerning customer or the customer who just wants one glass but wants it to be a good one… quality over quantity.”