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Eden Mill launches limited edition wine cask-aged gins

Eden Mill Red Wine Cask Gin
The limited edition wine cask-aged gins have joined Eden Mill’s Distiller’s Choice range.


TWO limited edition wine cask-aged gins have been added to Eden Mill’s super-premium Distiller’s Choice collection.

Red Wine Cask-Aged Gin and White Wine Cask-Aged Gin were developed by Eden Mill’s senior distilling team based on their own personal flavour preferences.

Both started out as Eden Mill Original Gin and were then each aged in different casks.

Favouring citrus-forward, fruity gins, head distiller Scott Ferguson’s 42.5% ABV White Wine Cask-Aged Gin is aged for 15 months in a white Burgundy wine cask, which is said to have given it “fresh tropical peach and apricot flavours – the perfect flavour complement to citrus-forward gin.” It’s said to be best-served over ice with a premium tonic and a slice of lime.

Senior distiller Andrew Walker, meanwhile, is said to enjoy experimenting with savoury, tart and spicy flavour profiles, and chose the Amarone red wine cask for the Red Wine Cask-Aged Gin due to its “full-bodied and rich nature combined with its underlying spice profiles”. The spirit was aged for 500 days in the Italian red wine cask to create what’s described as a “beautifully aromatic and fruity spiced gin”, which is best-served over ice with a premium tonic and a piece of stone fruit such as a cherry.

Ferguson said the wine cask-aged gins are the latest examples of the experimental ethos that has been at the heart of Eden Mill since its inception.

“We first brought our fascination for oak from producing whisky together with gin when we created Eden Mill’s Oak Gin in 2015,” he said.

“By experimenting with cask-ageing and also adding oak chips, we found a beautiful way of giving gin a boost of flavour at speed.

“With the Red and White Wine Cask-Aged expressions, the gins were only extracted from their cask at the point we were confident the perfect flavour, colour and wine character had been added to the gin without extracting too many overpowering flavours from the wood of the cask itself.”

Just 600 bottles of each Eden Mill Wine Cask-Aged Gin are available.