Seasonal serves

Teddy Joseph, Whisky Specialist at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK, and Kyle Jamieson of Edinburgh’s Nauticus Bar joined forces to create a special seasonal serve using Naked Malt guaranteed to spice up your cocktail list

Teddy Joseph, Whisky Specialist, Edrington-Beam Suntory UK

Which spirit have you chosen to use and why?

We’ve chosen Naked Malt, it is a delicious blended malt full of great flavours including dried stone fruit, toffee and orange zest.

What cocktail have you made with Kyle?

I must say, we discussed the idea and flavours, but the final recipe is all down to Kyle’s creativity! The cocktail is called Naughty by Nature, the ingredients and method can be found below.





40ml Naked Malt
20ml chamomile tea syrup*
3 x fresh peach slices or tinned
6 x mint leaves
15ml fresh lemon
Ginger ale


Add all of the ingredients to the cocktail shaker then muddle peach slices and shake. Double strain into tall glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and lemon twist.

*Chamomile tea syrup – one tea bag per 50ml of hot water. Let sit for 10 mins to make a strong tea. Strain off tea bag then whatever volume of liquid you have left cut with half the amount of sugar then you will have a 2:1 sugar syrup.

What benefits do you think this cocktail will bring to bars offering it?

It offers a summery and vibrant way in which to enjoy whisky. Hopefully this will appeal to a large audience due to the combination of flavours.

What drinks trends do you expect to see going forward? How important is it to offer seasonal serves and cocktails?

We expect the rise of the health-conscious consumer, those who are drinking less but better, to continue. The rise of at-home experiences will also have a big impact on consumers, making them more inquisitive when they return to the on-trade. Seasonal serves take advantage of fresh, local ingredients, offering bar staff the opportunity to get creative with new and exciting flavour combinations.

Kyle Jamieson, Co-founder, Nauticus Bar

What’s your thoughts on the seasonal serve both you and Teddy have created?

I think the serve is simple, fresh, and tasty. All the flavours tie in really well and it will definitely appeal to non-whisky drinkers.

Why have you chosen this serve? Why do you think it works so well with your chosen base spirit?

I wanted to create a tasty yet easy serve, recreating a punch-style cocktail. The flavours I chose tie in really well with the tasting notes of Naked Malt. For me Naked Malt has light floral and fruity notes hence why I chose to use both peach and chamomile as well as a little mint to add a fresh kick. The ginger ale helps to tie all the flavours together while adding a hint of delicious ginger spice.

What do you think this cocktail will add to your bar’s offer?

We haven’t got a whisky drink of this style on our menu, so it will definitely be a great addition. Personally, I think the serve will encourage customers who have not tried a whisky based cocktails to give one a go!

How will you promote this serve?

Social media is big part of our drinks specials. We also always have our specials on a blackboard in the bar.

How important is it for your bar to offer seasonal serves?

Seasonal and sustainable serves are huge part of what we offer – we always have cocktails made using seasonable ingredients on the menu. We try to pick or collect seasonal ingredients and freeze them so that we have them to use throughout the year. We also work with businesses in the area to collect food waste as we also like to incorporate this into the cocktails we offer.

How important are cocktails to your business?

Cocktails play a huge part in our business and drinks offering. We try our best to offer great beers, whisky and interesting, seasonal cocktails. Our cocktail menu is inspired by the history of Leith, so the different eras help to inspire the serves and flavour combinations we offer.

What drinks trends do you expect to see going forward?

Drinks trends are consistently changing, and of course the past year we’ve seen more and more people try their best to adapt to offer cocktails at-home, I definitely think this trend will continue. Keeping things seasonal is better in so many ways and something that I see continuing to grow, it is so much more sustainable.

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