Roaming in the Swedish forest

The latest Mackmyra seasonal edition

SWEDISH distillery Mackmyra is paying tribute to the country’s stunning forests with this year’s special edition autumn bottling.

The distillery issues two seasonal bottlings every year and this year’s autumn release, Jaktlycka, has spent time maturing in casks that previously held Swedish berry wine.

Master blender Angela D’Orazio described Jaktlycka (46.1% ABV) as “a warm and soft whisky filled with treasures from the forests”.

“The notes of berries, together with the wonderful spicy contribution from Swedish oak, generate a fantastic flavour that embodies the Swedish forest and autumn,” she said. “The result is a creamy and berry-like whisky with a softly embedded spiciness and notes of dried fruit, vanilla and raisins. It will make a classic companion to milk chocolate desserts.”