Eden Mill unveils alcohol free range


EDEN Mill, the St Andrew’s distillery, has launched its first alcohol-free range.

The new Eden Nil range features two expressions – Original Gin & Tonic and Love Gin & Rose Lemonade – which are distilled using water, juniper, coriander, lemon balm and cardamom and are available in 250ml cans.

The company joined forces with Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh to create the non-alcoholic range; the collaboration also inspired the design on the ready-to-drink cans which features illustrations of wildlife, a flower-covered taxi and a deckchair.

Co-founder of Eden Mill, Paul Miller, said: “Year-on-year we can see there is a 25% increase in sales in no/low alcoholic drinks. How drinks are crafted and served, and why drinks are created play a vital role in the overall experience between bartenders and customers.

“In fact, research has shown that there is a real and oftentimes missed opportunity for having a standalone or dedicated non-alcoholic sections on a menu that are available throughout the day to drive incremental sales and make extra profit.

“We believe we have created a product that is perfect for all occasions, from designated drivers to pregnant mums, or for the increasing number of health-conscious people – we have created a unique alternative without compromising on flavour.”