A fruity addition

Low-alcohol flavoured spirit drinks designed for mixing

Glens Peach Passionfruit on ice

THE growing demand for lower-ABV flavoured drinks, particularly amongst younger consumers, could mean a fruitful freshers’ week for Glen’s Flavours.

Available in Peach & Passionfruit and Strawberry & Apple flavoured variants, the new drinks from Loch Lomond Group are made using Glen’s Vodka and fruit flavours.

The 20% ABV spirit drinks are described as the “perfect ingredient for a simple serve or a refreshing cocktail”. The drinks, which are said to have been developed in line with current market trends for “complex infusions and low alcohol options”, have berry and citrus bases and are intended to work well in simple spirit/mixer serves as well as in cocktails.

Alisha Goodwin, brand manager for Glen’s Vodka at Loch Lomond Group, said: “We are confident Glen’s Flavours will become the brand of choice for consumers looking for a refreshing spirit.

“By combining quality vodka with zesty, fruity flavours we are eliminating the need to have dozens of ingredients and instead offer a simple solution for a delicious summer drink.

Combining quality vodka with zesty, fruity flavours eliminates the need to have dozens of ingredients.

Glens Vodka 70cl strawberry & passionfruit bottles
Glen’s Flavours have an ABV of 20%.

“With Glen’s Flavours you are guaranteed a great spirit, without the fuss.”

This year has already been an eventful one for the Scottish vodka brand as Glen’s Platinum gained acclaim at the 2019 World Vodka Awards.

Launched in 2014, the premium vodka was awarded a gold medal in the competition’s Best Pure Neutral category with judges praising the spirit for being “very clean, neutral” and “well-balanced”.