Floral, French and fruity

June is said to work well in a spritz

THE botanicals of the June flower, which is said to bloom for just two days each June, and the flavour of wild peaches have been blended together with grape-distillate gin, G’Vine, to produce a fruity liqueur.

Created by Jean-Sebastian Robiquet, the creator of Ciroc Vodka and G’Vine, the 30% ABV June by G’Vine is made by spirits firm Maison Villevert in Cognac, France, and is described as tasting of wild peaches and summer fruits.

Chris Jones, managing director of Paragon Brands, which is launching the drink in the UK, said: “Jean-Sebastian and Maison Villevert have done an incredible job of capturing the tastes and aromas of fresh wild peaches and marrying them perfectly with a delicate, balanced floral gin.

“This offers both traditional and contemporary gin drinkers something new and unique to add to their drinks repertoire, with excellent mixability beyond the usual tonic serve, June works perfectly in a spritz or with Prosecco in a peach gin Bellini.”