Capital support for staff welfare

Hospitality charity unveils Wellness Charter in Edinburgh

Gordon McIntyre with Tom Kitchin (centre), who is supporting the charity

EDINBURGH hospitality businesses are being encouraged to commit to their employees’ mental wellbeing by the recently launched Hospitality Health charity.

The organisation, which launched earlier this year in Glasgow, introduced its Wellness Charter for the east of Scotland at an event in The Balmoral Hotel attended by representatives from 40 tourism businesses.

The charity aims to support workers across the industry by providing information and guidance to help them deal with issues including mental health and addiction.

Companies that adopt the charter have access to an Employee Assistance Programme through the charity’s website, where staff can access advice and support as well as a 24-hour helpline manned by trained staff.

Gordon McIntyre, chairman of Hospitality Health, said: “Understanding emotions is essential for employers and a powerful motivator for driving positive change.

“What we are trying to achieve with Hospitality Health is to equip our industry with the right tools and resilience training to not only address mental health but to put staff welfare first.

“The more that we share experiences the better the industry will become, for now and the future. Thanks to the support of the industry, we can make a change for everyone working in Scotland.”

Speaking at the launch event in Edinburgh chef Tom Kitchin said the charity is “doing great things for the industry and helping address mental health in tourism”.

“With the launch of their Wellness Charter in the east, they are helping business owners like myself with their much-needed staff services and toolkit and we look forward to supporting them throughout the year,” he said.

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