Polish giant is headed for UK

Country’s fastest-selling premium vodka set for British debut

Zubrówka Biala vodka is distilled seven times and is said to work well in Martini serves

THE heightened demand for authentic and traditional spirits is said to be behind the decision to bring what’s claimed to be one of the world’s largest vodka brands to the UK.

Żubrówka Biała will be imported and marketed in the UK by producer and distributor Roust and joins the brand’s original Bison Grass Vodka.

Launched in Poland in 2010, Biała is said to have become the market leader within the country’s clear vodka segment and now accounts for one in five bottles of vodka purchased in Poland.

There is a growing consumer demand for drinks with new tastes, flavours and freshness.

Biała, which means white in Polish, is made with grain and distilled seven times to produce what’s described as a vodka which has a “purity and pristine quality”.

Said to be ideal to drink straight or on ice, the vodka also lends itself to use in Martinis or in spirit/mixer serves.

The spirit will be available in 20cl and 70cl bottles.

Emma Burns, international brand manager at Żubrówka, said: “When it comes to drinks and cocktails, there is growing consumer demand for new tastes, flavours and freshness, which is driven by a desire for more authentic brands with a connection to nature.

“Żubrówka Biała combines history and heritage with outstanding taste. Given its supreme smoothness and clear links to nature, Biała is the perfect choice for consumers seeking a premium-tasting base spirit to create a huge range of cocktails.

“We’ve worked with our distillery in Polmos Bialystok to bring the best Polish vodkas to the UK.

“We’re delighted to be launching Biała at such an exciting time for the category.”