Gin tastings at The Lochside on Islay

The Lochside, Bowmore

When did you first introduce gin tastings?

We introduced gin tastings in September 2018.

How often are they held?

We like to do it sporadically as the tastings sell out fairly fast, however we try and run these events every two months.

How do you work with drinks brands for these events?

We work heavily with spirit brand owners and also premium mixer brands like Fever-Tree, who help drive these events.

Describe your gin tastings.

We have around 40 gins on the bar, however for tasting events we concentrate on five speciality gins for the evening and give our customers in-depth knowledge and the perfect serve to suit that particular gin.

The-Lochside-ginWhich qualities do you look for in the gins you feature in tastings?

We like to keep these regional where possible as it helps to link the customer taste experience with a place they have visited or have a connection with.

What impact have the events had on gin sales in your pub?

Gin is huge in all my units. People are looking for quality rather than quantity and a top class G&T served to perfection hits the spot every time.

– Neil Morrison, The Lochside, Bowmore.