Caribbean hospitality in a rum

DRINKS firm Distil is introducing a taste of the exotic to its Red Leg spiced rum brand with the launch of a new flavour.

Red Leg Caramelised Pineapple will be introduced into the UK next month.

Distil said the new, 37.5% ABV, product contains 100% natural pineapple and caramel flavours; it is marketing the drink as ideal for serving with simple mixers or for inclusion in more complex cocktails.

Jade McKenzie, marketing co-ordinator at Distil, said pineapples “have long been a symbol of friendship and hospitality in the Caribbean, with islanders traditionally hanging pineapples on their doors to welcome all inside”.

“Taking inspiration from this tradition, Red Leg Caramelised Pineapple is a celebration of friendship and good times,” said McKenzie.