The spirit of inspiration

Aber Falls’ new range aims to stir bartenders’ interest

Breindal vodka is described as versatile

A NEW spirits range aimed at bartenders has been launched with the goal of becoming “the favoured house pour” in venues across Scotland.

Halewood Wines & Spirits has launched Breindal – a new “accessible” spirits range comprising Welsh gin and vodka from its Aber Falls distillery in Wales.

Aber Falls Breindal Gin is said to be “bursting with flavour”, with an “aroma of freshly cut grass, accompanied by piney juniper berries up front and tailed with subtle orange flavours, before spicy notes of clove and star anise surface to finish”.

The vodka, which marks the distillery’s first entry into that spirit category, is produced using a handmade copper still and “leads with a bright, citrus aroma, which is complemented by floral notes of rose and heather, shadowed by a smooth, creamy finish”.

The bottles are described as “elegant and eye-catching” and feature traditional colours designed to celebrate Welsh culture.

James Wright, managing director at Aber Falls distillery, said: “Since the launch of Aber Falls, we have been committed to inspiring bartenders to create new serves, cocktails and experiences for their customers to enjoy, and the Breindal duo is perfectly placed for this, in which both liquids are incredibly versatile and highly mixable.”

Aber Falls has partnered with Cardiff’s Lab 22 bartender and consultant Alex Mills to produce a series of perfect serves for the new expressions.