Passion for gin

VC2 Brands adds tropical string to its Boë

Boë Passion is a 41.5% ABV flavoured gin

THE firm behind Boë Gin has added a tropical twist to the brand’s portfolio in time for summer.

Boë Passion Gin, which is said to be “vibrant in colour as well as taste”, blends the citrus peel and spice of Boë’s Scottish London Dry gin with passion fruit.

Intended to conjour images “of sunshine and fiesta spirit on Brazil’s Copacabana Beach”, the tropical floral notes of the passion fruit are said to make Boë Passion ideal for use in cocktails, or served over ice with tonic and a twist of orange.

The 41.5% ABV varietal joins parent firm VC2 Brands’ existing Boë range, which includes Boë Scottish Gin, Boë Violet Gin, as well as its gin liqueurs, Boë Peach & Hibiscus, Boë Spiced Bramble and Boë Spiced Orange.

Andrew Richardson, director of Boë Gin, said: “With passion fruit a popular flavour in cocktails, such as a Pornstar Martini, it just made sense for us to create gin with the fruit.

“The overwhelming response to Boë Violet was a gear change for us, and our master distiller has worked hard to create a new product that is both amazing to look at and delicious to sip.

“Boë Passion Gin delivers on the authentic brave flavours, sensational aroma and vibrant colours that our customers expect and actively seek out. By bringing a tropical, floral element to the spiced warmth and fresh orange characteristics associated with Boë Gin, we have created a striking new flavour profile in the Boë Gin family.”