A new hop cider to Stoc

Hopped Austrian cider BlakStoc has a range of four flavours available to the on-trade

SPECIALIST beer importer, Euroboozer, has added Austrian cider brand BlakStoc to its portfolio in time for the summer season.

BlakStoc, which means ‘old tree’ in medieval German, is said to have been the first cider maker in Europe to dry-hop its entire range, which is made from pressed wild orchard apples.

Grown naturally, the “young, vintage and heirloom” apple varieties from the wild trees are said to give BlakStoc its “unique taste”, while the new world hop varieties “provide the tropical fruit-forward nose, full flavour and classic crisp, tart finish”.

The core range available to the on-trade includes Wild Tree Hoppy Cider (4.5% ABV); Quincy Jo & Hops Edition (4.5% ABV); Buddha Hand Lemon Cider (4% ABV); and Ginger for My Honey (3% ABV).

Martyn Railton, MD of Euroboozer, said: “As summer time begins and as interest in craft beer and cider continues to grow, we expect BlakStoc – the perfect marriage between the two categories – to be leading the cider charge.”