A Maverick move from Israeli firm

M&H produces a range of spirits
M&H produces a range of spirits

Scottish licensees can introduce a taste of Israel to their gantries after the launch of the M&H drinks range into the UK.

M&H (short for Milk & Honey) claims to be Israel’s first whisky distillery.

It produces a range of whisky, gin and herbal liqueurs at its distillery in Tel Aviv.

The range is being distributed in the UK by Maverick Drinks.

Eitan Attir, chief executive of M&H said: “The M&H Distillery is very enthusiastic about this future long term partnership with Maverick Drinks, who we believe is the best partner to develop and build the brand.

“The UK is one of our first markets outside of Israel and we are excited to bring to the country a bit of our Tel-Avivian sun and fine spirit.”

Maverick’s head of brand development, Michael Vachon, said M&H is “rightfully taking its place as a leader in the new world whisky category” and its spirits “have a real depth and maturity to them”.