Anti-spiking beer mat launched

Capital idea: the beer mat
Capital idea: the beer mat

STAFF at an Edinburgh bar have launched an anti-spiking beer mat.

Employees at The Black Rose Tavern on Rose Street designed the mat, which has a hole punched through it allowing space for a straw so it can function as a lid, after noticing the tradition of putting beer mats on unattended drinks, the bar’s assistant manager, Alison Wilson, said.

“We thought ‘how simple would it be to punch a hole in a beer mat and use that as a lid’,” she said.

“It’s cost-efficient and practical.

“So we worked with a local printer and had ‘Put a lid on it’ on one side of the mats and information about the Ask for Angela campaign on the other.”

Operators who wish to receive the design to the beer mat can email the bar at