New world of options this year

Cabernet Franc is expected to shine

DRINKS supplier Bibendum has shared its predictions of what consumers will want in 2019, with new ideas for operators to consider.

The 2019 Trend Report covers the world of wine, spirits and beer and uses the firm’s trend forecasting tool, which is said to capture trends “as they evolve”.

In wine, Cabernet Franc from around the world is expected to become one of the greatest trends in the category, with many premium wine lists featuring one or more of the style from outwith the Loire Valley, while Croatian and vegan wines are expected to grow.

A new emerging trend in spirits is for outlets to group drinks by country rather than category, with a majority of customers said to be placing importance on where their drinks come from.

And Bibendum is predicting that 2019 will become “the year of gluten free” with a direct effect on beer; as more consumers cut wheat from their diet, gluten-free beers are expected to become more prevalent in pubs and bars.