All fired up

THE team behind Speyside single malt Glen Moray has fired up a new release said to have been inspired by the growing popularity of sweeter flavours.

Glen Moray Fired Oak, a ten year old 40% ABV single malt whisky, is matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished in heavily charred virgin American oak casks, which “imparts intense flavour to the spirit”.

Over the final maturation period, the taste profile of the Speyside malt is described as taking on “intense notes of vanilla sweetness and smokiness from the oak”.

Master distiller, Graham Coull, was said to have been inspired to create the new expression by the increase in popularity of bourbon and the success of sweeter flavours within the drinks market.

“Fired Oak is all about enhancing flavours, rather than adding different character,” he said.

“The virgin oak intensifies the existing vanilla and spice flavours, which have come from the ex-bourbon barrels.”

Coull added that attention to detail is “imperative” to this release.

“Developing this whisky was akin to blowing gently on the embers of a bonfire to bring the flame back to life,” he said. “Two elements are key – quality of cask and timing; both are crucial to obtaining just the right flavour infusion. To create a balance, I have selected virgin oak casks with differing lengths of finish to ensure that the final whisky is consistent.”