Winter warmers

HOT alcoholic drinks, like mulled wine, are an important consideration at this time of year, according to Fraser Henderson of Green Ridge Wines, parent company of Eliot’s.

Henderson said: “The forecasted cold and prolonged autumn/winter season will require something to attract consumers to step out into the cold.

“A warm favourite seasonal alcoholic beverage is a sure thing to pull in the sales; hot-served alcoholic drinks offer great margin and seasonal ‘feel good factor’ for customers.”

Henderson added that while beer, cider and traditional wine remain the “mainstays” of any pub, “as the cold weather and long nights arrive, it’s important that pubs offer a range ofg seasonal and unusual drinks and snacks to retain consumer interest.”

The drinks are also said to pair well with food; with Spiced Apple Wine matching with apple pie, the Winter Warmer variant with Brie and grape on crackers, Mulled Wine with mince pies and its Hot Toddy coupling well with haggis.