Distributor adds raft of craft beers

AS the demand for craft products continues to gather pace in the UK’s pubs and bars, drinks wholesaler Matthew Clark has grown its Boutique Beers and Cider House collection to incorporate 400 speciality products from around the world.

The craft beer market is said to have benefitted from a 21% increase in sales over the last year and now accounts for 10% of all beer sold, according to CGA data.

The wholesaler is now offering licensees the choice of 300 craft beers as part of the range and 100 ciders.

Additions to the augmented selection include beers from Nomad, an Australian brewer, which uses ingredients native to the country, Siren, an “experimental” craft brewer based in Berkshire, and Hardywood, a US brewery.

Justin Wylde, beer category manager at Matthew Clark, said: “Outlets need to have a good spread of beers so as not to dissuade people who are new to the craft category, but still have a point of interest for those who are further along in their craft journey.

“We’d recommend stocking a lager, an IPA or a pale ale, then to complete your range, trying something slightly different, such as a fruit pale ale, a wheat beer or a sour, if you’re feeling a little more experimental.”

The full revamped selection was on display at the wholesaler’s Boutique Beers event in London this summer.