Catching a glimpse of the future

CHEFS and licensees will have the opportunity to view the latest developments in catering equipment when Rational brings its Tomorrow Kitchen event to Gleneagles next month.

The event, on September 26, will see a chef cooking with combi oven the SelfCookingCenter and Rational’s VarioCookingCenter in order to demonstrate how a single chef can produce large quantities of high-quality food using the appliances.

There will be five of the events in total, with Gleneagles hosting the only Scottish leg of the tour.

The other stops are in Luton (on October 9 and 10 and November 7) and Oxford (on November 22).

Each event focuses on a different aspect of the catering industry, with the Gleneagles date focused on the hotel and banqueting sector.

“The idea is to highlight how the latest cooking technology brings benefits to every part of the catering industry,” said Adam Knights, marketing director at Rational.

“So each Tomorrow Kitchen will focus on a sector: healthcare, hotel banqueting, staff catering and education. We’ll show how, whatever the type of foodservice operation, the flexibility of multifunctional appliances means caterers can future-proof their kitchen, making it easy to adapt to changing menus.”